How it works: As a community theatre company, we are very open to members of the public pitching a musical, play or pantomime to direct and produce with our help.

How to apply: Fill out the form below. All fields are required except Budget and script.

Please be advised that while your production may not be picked up for the current season we’re planning, but we may revisit your pitch in future years.



Your Name

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Name of Production


Rights held by

If your play is an original work or out of copyright leave blank

Production Team

Please list your names and the role you will take on the production team. Also include any information/experience you feel is relevant to the role, why you are passionate about this play and the role you want to take, etc. Typical roles for production teams include director, co or assistant director(s), producer, co or assistant producer(s)writer(s) etc. If you only have a few then don’t worry: simply put which roles you’d want to fill and the kind of person you’d be looking for to do it.

Play Synopsis

Summarize the plot of the play you are pitching: you may want to include particular themes, characters and major plot points.

Directorial Interpretation

Give us an idea of your view of the play. (If relevant,) what makes it different to other performances of the script? You may want to write about genre, themes, rehearsal methods, etc. Don't be afraid to be wanky... but don't feel you have to be!

Sensitive Content

Is there any content in the show that auditionees should be made aware of? (Anything from a necessary romantic kiss upwards.)

Number of Cast

Total (Male/female/flexible)

Breakdown of characters

Technical requirements

A little about the space you wish to use, set you intend to have made,or any unusual or interesting lighting or sound features. It may be useful to have a few sketches or pictures of set ideas or costumes – although this is not essential! However, if setting your play in a particular period or style, it will help to create a visual idea of what you are talking about.

Producing, marketing & publicity

Give a brief overview production-y stuff. Style of costumes, any particularly tricky props and how you're going to overcome that, and how you are going to get audiences to see this show. Timelines of when you plan to sort stuff by are cool but by no means essential.

Why this show?

A short pitch of why this show is something Theatre Group should be interested in doing, why actors would want to audition, and audience want to come and see it. You might want to consider the show slot you are pitching for.



Anything you haven't managed to fit in above - diagrams, proposed rehearsal schedules, whatever you want.

Digital copy of script (if available)

To be read by committee - if a digital copy is not available please contact us to arrange distribution of physical scripts to committee.