Please carefully read the entire Audition Pack before requesting an audition slot at the bottom of the page.

  • Auditions will be held at Walters Rd Public School on Sunday the 15nd of April, 2018 from 7pm till 10pm. Please enter the school via Vella Crescent.
  • Callbacks will be held at the directors’ discretion on Tuesday 17th of April, 2018 from 7.30pm.
  • Each audition will go for approximately 15 minutes, starting every half hour. Auditionees are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before their designated slot.
  • Each auditionee will be required to perform two (2) monologues which go for 1-2 minutes each.
    1. One contemporary monologue of the auditionees choice not from the play. This must be performed off book.
    2. One cold read of a character from the show. These are available at the back of the audition pack. Auditionees do not need to be off book but are expected to be familiar with them.
  • Everyone must complete the attached audition form and bring it to the audition.
  • All auditionees will be notified by 5pm, Friday 20th of April on the outcome of their audition.
  • Rehearsals will be held Sunday and Tuesdays from 7 – 10pm from the 22nd of April at Walters Rd Primary School.
  • Please direct any audition enquiries to



n.b. The production team is looking to dual cast the roles of LIZZIE, ANGELA, WARREN and RAY. Each cast member would be performing in 4 shows of the total 8.
LIZZIE GAEL – (Playing age 9) LIZZIE is cheeky and opinionated, really the picture of a typical 9-year-old girl. She is very much loved by her family and loves them dearly in return. LIZZIE hides a dark secret and through the course of the play really has to show a remarkable range of acting abilities.
n.b. The Production team would like to see a wide range of auditionees for this role. Even if you feel you are too old, we would still like to see you.
ANGELA GAEL – (late 20’s – late 40’s) LIZZIE’S mother. She cares deeply for her daughter but struggles with the ethical dilemma of staying quiet and alerting the authorities to her daughter’s crime.
WARREN GAEL – (late 20’s – late 40’s) LIZZIE’S father. He and ANGELA are separated yet share an amicable relationship over their daughter. He wishes to leave Tasmania and is uncertain of how to proceed after finding out about what his daughter has done.
SERGEANT RAY ARMSTRONG – (Early 20’s-60’s/Any Gender) The detective in charge of finding the murderer. LIZZIE has had a run in with them prior to the murder and they use multiple forms of interrogation techniques to get a confession.


Production Fees $45
Membership Fees $15
Total $60


These dates are non-negotiable and must be attended by all cast and crew members. A commitment is made by every performer to attend all rehearsals, performances, and bump-in/out. If you are unable to attend, please notify your director. All performers and crew members are expected to behave in a dedicated and professional manner to ensure a smooth-running show.
During the rehearsal period BTC will also be holding a fundraising events and promotional performances (dates TBC) – all cast are expected to contribute wherever possible.
Costume Night – 20/05/2018
Fees Due – 22/05/2018
Trailer/promotion Day – 27/05/2018
Lines Down – 03/06/2018
Set Building Day – 17/06/2018
Bump-in/Tech – 09/07/2018
Tech rehearsal – 10/07/2018
Opening night – 11/07/2018 @ 8pm
Show – 13/07/2018 @ 8pm
Show – 14/07/2018 @ 2pm & 8pm
Show – 18/07/2018 @ 8pm
Show – 20/07/2018 @ 8pm
Show/Closing Night/Bump Out – 21/07/2018 @ 2pm & 8pm


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Auditions are on Sunday the 15th of April at Walters Rd Public School. What is the best audition time for you?
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